Crayons and Tea Parties

Or, I suppose, Crayons In Tea Cups.

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Love Is a Battlefield

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I am *thisclose* to finishing terminal comments on these papers but I do not. have. the. brainpower. to. focus. They’ll be done in the next hour or so. I know that for sure. 

I’m ready to get back to my own work for once. All I’ve been doing the last 5 days is grading and I’m 1000% ready to be done. And I really want to get a full night’s sleep. 

Which I’m probably not going to get tonight, as we are leaving around 5:30 tomorrow morning and I still have to pack and finish writing my book review and revising my conference paper. 

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Not able to watch the episode tonight because of Chicago prep. I’ll try to watch it at some point later in the week, though I’m not sure when yet. 

It seems as though I’m missing a doozy. 

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